Selling Guide

For many of you owning in Puerto Vallarta is something you already do. When the time comes to sell because you want to upgrade or your circumstances change, we do that and we do it well. We first started selling real estate in Mexico in 1996 and we have helped a lot of people become happy owners. And when the time came to sell and upgrade, we did that too. As part of Coldwell Banker La Costa we are part of the team that is not only the first Coldwell Banker office in Mexico but part of the best known brand in the world. We have a seller services guarantee that both of us sign. This is your assurance that we will do what we say. For both regular and luxury properties we have a comprehensive marketing program. Coldwell Banker has always had an extensive marketing program and an innovator in using new technology to market properties. Nowadays this is even more important than in the past. 90% of all people looking for a new home or an agent start with a on-line search so it is extremely important that he company you choose has not only a print presence but also an international internet ranking. Coldwell Banker La Costa consistently ranks on the first page of both Google and Bing. Our marketing program is extensive and you can view it by clicking here. At Homes Vallarta we go one step further and create professional marketing videos. You can view two of them here. The Coldwell Banker program is here and the Coldwell Banker Luxury program is here. With us you will get the experience and marketing power of a local highly successful and respected agency and the international reach of Coldwell Banker. Make sure you read the marketing program for Coldwell Banker and Coldwell Banker Luxury. These are things no one else here offers.
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