Mexico Permanent Residents

Mexico Permanent Residents

Mexico Permanent Resident Status

A Mexico permanent resident will be issued an identification cared similar to a driver’s license and will empower you to pass through Mexico’s borders in the same manner as a citizen. This is likely the best avenue to legal residency for retirees, investors and travelling professionals.

Becoming a Citizen

Long term visitors to Mexico can choose to take their appreciation for the country to the next level by going through the naturalization process. Many foreign nationals apply for full citizenship every year. Mexican citizenship allows individuals to vote, change address without notifying the Immigration Office, avoid long immigration lines at airports and enjoy other rights of a natural Mexican citizen.

Mexican visas must be applied for and obtained at a branch of Mexico’s Immigration office, although you may employ a representative to manage the process on your behalf. In order to apply for residency, you must fill out an online pre-application and record your comfirmation data.

Next, you must assemble all required documentation, including your vaccine record, and take them to the Immigration Office to receive your immigration number. When your status is updated, return to the Immigration Office with the required documentation and any fees. In order to become a full Mexican citizen, you must pass a multiple choice examination that will be administered in basic Spanish.

After you’re approved, you can pick up your naturalization documentation at the office along with a firm handshake from an immigration official. Some individuals find the services of an immigration lawyer helpful in navigating naturalization, and they are widely available in Puerto Vallarta. Most countries allow dual citizenship with a Mexican passport, and so you can keep all of your documentation from your previous country of residence.

Curious travelers from across North America are increasingly considering Puerto Vallarta as their newest home. Mexico welcomes its visitors with open arms, and also makes it easy for those who enjoy the lifestyle to extend their stay indefinitely.

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