Safety in Puerto Vallarta

Safety in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a very safe city with an unusually low crime rate.  The area makes most of its living through tourism, so there is a definite interest in the safety and security of tourists and residents alike.  In addition there are the tourist police who are a bi-lingual division of the city police force. Their responsibility is to offer directions to the tourists and assistance to those who need it in addition to general security.

Entrance to communities and areas are gated. If for some reason it is not possible to gate some group of high-rise buildings then the security is provided at the main entrance to the buildings. Hotels and restaurants have their own security services.

However, crossing the streets of Puerto Vallarta is a real safety hazard. Drivers are aggressive and believe they have the right away. To keep pedestrian’s safe street crossings in the center of town and some of the large pedestrian areas are directed by police.

Fist time visitors and some people reading way too many stories and are concerned about safety but if they stay in the city for a few weeks they realize that they concern is not warranted.  And on the flipside, many people say that they feel safer walking in Puerto Vallarta at night than they do in their hometowns.

Puerto Vallarta is also said to have the safest drinking water in all of Mexico. Absolutely the water is safe to drink and for cooking but most people are using bottled water to drink and for cooking. Unfortunately, the water dose not taste good it has a less than pleasant aftertaste. Water is sold in the stores or delivered to the door in 5-gallon bottles.

Speaking of a large body of water, visitors in some areas, should take normal safety precautions around the water, as in some areas the ocean can be a bit rough.

If you happen to read the USA Travel Warning please noted that, the warning is for areas far away from Puerto Vallarta (the closest area is at least several hours away) do not let it be a discouragement, there is no reason to be concerned and no reason to cancel your plans for a great vacation. Puerto Vallarta is very safe 50,000 Expets live full time in the city they would not be here if the city would not be safe.

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