Things to do in Puerto Vallarta
Mexico has been voted "The number one best place to retire in 2017"
People have been discovering Mexico and Puerto Vallarta for years, to escape the harsh winters, have a good time and look for a happy place to retire. After we cover how to buy property close to the ocean, what are the benefits for you to obtain residency, talk about property taxes, find the best real estate value for your money, choose the type of property and area most suitable for you, there is one more wary important question left to answer.
What to do in Puerto Vallarta? We don't golf and don't like to fish.
The first thing come to most people's mind is, do you have to ask? Just look around you. There many things to do in Puerto Vallarta.
But if we stop and think about the question for a few seconds we realise that it is a very good question. You make a commitment, you invest money that could be part of your retirement savings. You will also plan on spending many years of your life in the city. "Yes it is a very good question"!
Let's start with it is you're life: You're free to choose your lifestyle. You can choose to be active, adventures or decide to take it slow and easy, decide it's time to stop and smell the roses, if that's your choice.
Active Lifestyle
You can be busy working on the internet, painting, organizing forums for retirees, achieving your dream of having a restaurant on the beach. Some people own shops of all kinds, like shoes, clothing, gifts store to even consignments stores. Others enjoy teaching English, or volunteer to work with the needy children at Casa Hogar.  All of the above will keep a person focused and have a purpose in life.
Looking for Adventures
The list is endless. Discover the hidden Mexico. Go to the Southern regions, rich in natural beauty, history and heritage. Awaken your senses to the sights, flavours and sounds that surrounds you. Visit the world famous Botanical Gardens, stroll to El Tuito, see the time-worn petroglyphs, enjoy a slice or two of the artisan bread cooked in antique hill side stove and listen to you're guide telling legends of pre-historic ancestors, who learned to grow food and build pyramids. Your sumptuous lunch is waiting for you followed by dessert and Tequila tasting.
Or learn about how this small town called San Sebastian del Oueste and the silver mine's need for salt created the small fishing village of Puerto Vallarta.
Buried deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains, San Sebastian's remote setting has made it one of Mexico's last remaining secrets. While this tiny mountain enclave (elevation 4500 ft) is only a 90 minutes bus ride from Puerto Vallarta, it's still a world away from the usual tourist haunts. Venture back to the 18th century to the height of Pueblo Magico and silver mining industry. Take an education walking tour through the colourful village, see the crumbling old architecture stop in the silver shops and watch the silver-smiths forge jewellery, sample the local food and enjoy a drink of tequila. Visit the Spanish Baroque style church, it is truly a living museum.
I mentioned only two of the sites you can visit around Puerto Vallarta. There are over 500 hundreds sites waiting for you to visit.
More daring adventures include off-road adventures, zip lines, thrilling water sports, sky diving, fly-boarding, deep sea diving, a surfing safari and a lot more. On the safer side: eco tours, whale photo safaris and island hopping. Take the grand kids to the kids adventure park, snorkel with them, swim with the dolphins and the sea lions. After this busy day book an appointment to the spa. You'll need it.
Just For You
Rhythms of the night is unforgettable. Walk along a torch light pat to a pyramid, nestled amongst the towering palms. In a mystical amphitheatre under the star- studded sky witness Mexico's mythological past come alive. The legends will take you back to unbelievable pre-Columbian beliefs and religions. After the show enjoy an intimate candle light dinner to the soft sound of the waves gently rolling to the shore. A truly enchanting evening unlike any you will experience again.
I have only mentioned few of the things to keep you busy in Puerto Vallarta. There are many more interesting things for you to do to keep you busy for years to come. Combine the above with the wonderful weather, the sights and sounds of the warm ocean and the tropical nights and the friendliest people you'll ever have a chance to live among. If you really think about it you'll know, life in Puerto Vallarta can be for you.
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